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Low investment cost of software development / time saving / after-sales service guarantee Newroute software developmentHelp you realize your dream of own Internet platform

Newroute software developmentEnterprises specializing in software system program customization and development, and applying big data, cloud computing, search engine and other technologies to obtain online traffic services,

Provide a variety of mainstream software development and customization services, mobile app program development, high-end website construction and development, E-commerce mall development, OA, CRM, ERP system, IOS and Android system development services. The team is proficient in Java / C language / Python / PHP program development. It has the characteristics of grasping the needs in place, short development cycle and good system stability, and is deeply satisfied with the customers of global cooperation.


Our software development Services

Using Internet technology to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises

Mobile app development
Make every effort to meet customer needs

Pure native app development, with professional Android + IOS development engineers.

Website construction and development
Using digital means to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises

The choice of various website functions can meet your various needs of building a website

Large scale software system development
Integrated customized solution, rapid start and easy landing of software development projects.

Connect multiple subsystems such as enterprise OA, ERP and CRM, and integrate information.

E-commerce mall system
One on one pre-sales consultation, in-depth analysis of your needs and evaluation of prices.

Multi user mall, distribution mall, direct selling system, wholesale mall and agent system.

Software development customization service

Over the years, we have accumulated rich experience in program development
technology and projects, which is the birthplace of win-win cooperation and value creation

java / python / C++ / php /


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